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Offices in Berlin Kreuzberg

We have 77 spaces available for your search criteria. Some of them are private.tooltip

Flexible and fully furnished office space for startups and fast growing companies. Our private offices have the convenience and design of coworking so you can focus on building your team and growing your business.

Office Ohlauer Straße 43

10999 | Friedrichshain | Berlin

Modern office in the iconic Umspannwerk

Office 1 300 m² from 2022/06/25 €16.020,00
Office 2 400 m² from 2022/06/25 €22.250,00
Flexibles 300 m² €16.020,00
Office Möckernstraße 120

10963 | Mitte | Berlin

Renovated historic industrial loft at Gleisdreieck Park

Office 500 m² Request quote €14.750,00
Offices 500 m² €14.750,00
Office Schinkestraße

12047 | Neukölln | Berlin

Bürofläche im Herzen von Neukölln zu vermieten / Maybachufer

Office 170 m² Request quote €3.060,00
Classic Offices 170 m² €3.060,00

Get Personalized Advice On Your Office Search

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Office Zimmerstraße 11

10969 | Kreuzberg | Berlin

Your office room or desk in urban office environment

Office 1 12 m² Request quote €199,00
Office 2 38 m² Request quote €699,00
Desks 12 m² €199,00
Office Zossener Straße 55

10961 | Kreuzberg | Berlin

Office loft in Bergmannkiez

Office 295 m² Request quote €7.117,00
Offices 295 m² €7.117,00
Office Mauerstraße

10117 | Mitte | Berlin

Nachmieter für Bürofläche gesucht

Office 130 m² Request quote €24,00
Classic Offices 130 m² €24,00
Office Brüderstraße 26

10178 | Mitte | Berlin

Loft areas in the former department store Hertzog...

Office 5350 m² Request quote €117.700,00
Offices 5350 m² €117.700,00
Office Ohlauer Straße 43

10999 | Kreuzberg | Berlin


Office 1 240 m² Request quote €300,00
Office 2 36 m² Request quote €1.300,00
Desks 240 m² €300,00
Office Lindenstraße 20

10969 | Kreuzberg | Berlin

Vintage-style co-working space

Office 60 m² Request quote €250,00
Desks 60 m² €250,00
Office Paul-Lincke-Ufer 41

10999 | Kreuzberg | Berlin

Stylish co-working space on Paul-Linke-Ufer

Office 24 m² Request quote €250,00
Desks 24 m² €250,00
Office Prinzessinnenstraße 20

10969 | Kreuzberg | Berlin

Shared office close to Moritzplatz

Office 48 m² Request quote €150,00
Desks 48 m² €150,00
Office Bergmannstraße 68

10961 | Kreuzberg | Berlin

2 vacant desks available at our ridiculously nice co-working space

Office 12 m² Request quote €230,00
Desks 12 m² €230,00


Since 2001, the district of Kreuzberg is part of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg administrative area. Due to the original urbanistic plans, Kreuzberg is one of the most densely populated districts of the city. The international and creative environment are particularly beneficial to innovative businesses. Even traditional companies such as BASF, Mercedes-Benz and Co. have moved to the district during the past years – together with a number of start-ups and young entrepreneurs. This unique mixture boosted the development of the area. The art scene is thriving more than ever.


The melting pot of cultures is an ideal environment for the diffusion of the most diverse culinary traditions. The only downside is that it will be hard to choose! Between Bergmannsstraße, Graefe-Kiez and Kottbusser Tor, you can find several high-quality restaurants. Right at the “Kotti” you can enjoy homemade dishes and specialties as well as delicious barista coffee in Kremanski. Not so often you run into a traditional Austrian restaurant: Jolesch is waiting for you!

Culture & Leisure

At the Jüdischen Museum, the history and the traditions of the Jewish people are presented in an extremely modern complex, designed by the architect Daniel Liebeskind. In the Martin-Gropius-Bau, the work of world-famous artists is regularly exhibited. If you need some contact with nature, you can enjoy the Viktoriapark waterfall right in the middle of the city, or alternatively, you can go for a walk alongside the typical canals. Creativity, Melting-pot, and Culture are the words that probably describe Kreuzberg the best.