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Setting is your partner for the future of work

At Setting, we understand that the future of work is dynamic and ever-evolving. Our office spaces reflect this understanding, ensuring that you have the flexibility to thrive in a rapidly changing professional landscape.

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Flexible and hybrid solutions

Our office spaces cater to the evolving nature of work, offering flexibility for remote and in-person collaboration. We bridge the gap between remote and in-office work, providing options that meet you wherever you are in your work journey.

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State-of-the-art technology

High-speed internet, video conferencing facilities, smart office solutions, and secure data management—our offices have it all.

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Team and community growth

We believe that a positive work environment isn't just about the physical space—it's about the people and the connections you build. Fostering growth, community, and connection is part of the future of work.

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Why setting?

All the more reasons to choose us

More Flexibility

When we say flexible, we mean flexible. For that reason, our office solutions provide workspace options with terms that are genuinely flexible for your business—no strings attached.

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Better Company Culture

At Setting, the office is more than a physical space. Our office solutions also help you enjoy a tighter-knit, more connected company culture that brings people together.

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Cost reduction

Save up to 30% on office costs with our all-in-one package. Our office solutions allow you to save money by paying one simple monthly bill, making it easier to handle and budget-friendly.

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Olga Zielke, Office Manager at AppsFlyer, credits Setting for their dream office transformation, from acoustic work to the complete package.

Olga Zielke

Office Manager at AppsFlyer

“The whole package, end to end. From the acoustic work to this transformation of space, Setting helped us find our dream office. It's really the whole package - end to end.“

We’re the partner of choice for brands across Europe

From established companies to small start-ups, Setting is trusted by many brands you know and love.

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