Setting connects people and spaces

We help companies, businesses, and start-ups to find, lease, and transform office space for modern work.

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Our vision

At Setting, we make space work. Entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, start-ups--you name it. We want to find the right space for you to work at your maximum potential.

Our mission

Bridging the gap between the traditional values of real estate-owners and the modern needs of a new generation of entrepreneurs is our calling.

Our methods

We give you the right tools to list, find, and lease the perfect space. For us, success means finding you the ideal space in the most transparent way possible.

Our roots

Hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop, moving from one office to the other, or working from home? There had to be more options.

Berlin, 2014. We started from our own frustration. Spaces that were beautiful and unique—including traditional leases that weren't able to be utilized due to the antiquated nature of real estate—were being totally unused. It all felt so constrained. Could this really be it?

So we started by making a listing site. The idea was simple: we wanted to create a platform so that people could seamlessly find the perfect space.

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The bridge

Fast forward a few years. Berlin was now buzzing with start-ups, SMEs, and tons of entrepreneurial spirit. Yet real estate continued down its inflexible, antiquated path.

Landlords and tenants were still on opposite sides of the bridge. And so it dawned on us: we wanted to continue to be the solution to the problem.

From creating a listing site, we moved one step forward. We began transforming, brokering, and creating the office space for one reason: to allow people to utilize space to their maximum potential. Bridging the gap between the two parties is what Setting is all about. We want to find the right fit for you, and that’s why we created a new office space solution altogether. 

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The future of work

What's next for us? Well, even after managing hundreds of office spaces across Berlin, our mission isn't just about numbers. We want to continue to help you find the right space.

And we know that the office space doesn't exist in a vacuum—it continuously evolves, much like your needs for finding one, and for transforming one to fit your needs. It's flexible.

Our work here is just beginning. Let's work together and make space work.

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At setting We believe that...

“The office is more than just a physical space. We’re on a mission to transform the office real estate market into something that works for you.”

Our Core Principles

Our values are central to our culture. They define who we are, what we stand for, and how we act.

Believe in the uniqueness of space

Old, new, renovated, or converted, each office space is unique in its own way. Each one of our customers values the uniqueness of their space.

Empower and help transform

We believe in the transformation of space. We help people find the space to reach their maximum potential.

Adapt to the now

The market for workspaces adapts and regenerates quickly. We adapt to whatever new waves it may bring, and to our customers’ demands.

Help our customers grow

We don’t only help our customers once. We help them again and again, in a transformational real estate cycle that sees them evolve.

Speak for the tenant

We understand that the tenant is the center of the real estate universe because they drive new requirements in the office space.

Believe in flexibility

Change is constant in today’s world. Flexibility is central to everything we do—in spaces, in our work, and with our clients.

Our people

Our tightly-knit team is the foundation of everything we do. The better our people are, the better your new office will be.

Join our team

Our people are the heart of Setting HQ. We believe in creating a healthy company culture where people are excited to come to work every day and make an impact.

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Founders of Setting HQ (Nadine Achilles, Johnathan Teh, Julian Hoffman)