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With Setting's office services, a vacant room on the third floor of a Berlin building transformed into a modern, sleek, open-plan office space, with 30 workstations, meeting rooms, and cozy communal spaces ready to go. Find out how the Setting customer service team helped transform and mold the perfect space for AppsFlyer.

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  • October 8th 2020
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The Challenge

Building an Office space unique to appsFlyer Needs

When AppsFlyer approached the Setting team, we knew that we were up for a challenge. As a leading mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform with a growing team, AppsFlyer needed a workspace that was modern, dynamic, and inspiring and one that matched its global brand identity.

"We have our corporate rules for how our offices should look, but we also wanted to give it a burning flair," says Olga Zielke, Office Manager at AppsFlyer.

Another important factor was growth. "I think the biggest point for us was to understand how many people we will bring into the team, and how fast we would grow," says Olga. "And we definitely wanted something that we could grow into."

The latest in-house tech was also taken into consideration. As a global company, connectivity was very important for the brand, and, as such, being able to have meetings both in private meeting rooms but also in an open space was essential. TV screens, microphones, and other high-tech equipment were thus also taken into account as the Setting team did its initial mockups.

The Office solution

appsFlyer branding and identity

After understanding the contours of the space as well as its requirements, our architects got to work. To meet AppsFlyer's needs, they started by analyzing their space and identifying the areas that needed improvement. In terms of style, Setting architects opted for a sleek, modern vibe that reflected company branding.

open-plan floor

"We wanted an open space—a loft-like where people can feel cozy and like still look professional," according to Olga Zielke. To meet their wishes, Setting proposed an open kitchen and lounge area, as well as an open-space floor plan with workspaces in the center of the space. Meeting rooms were designed in the back for ultimate privacy and connectivity.

the best tech

The space also got a serious internet upgrade, media installation, and a special TV for team meetings and announcements. The Setting team revamped the fiber internet, boosting its capacity y adding lines for direct connection inside work areas and meeting rooms.

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The Results

an office space to grow into

Whether you're a private landlord or a fast-growing start-up, our platform makes it easy to find the perfect tenant for your space—with all the added benefits, and none of the hassle. Whether you're a private landlord or a fast-growing start-up, our platform makes it easy to find the perfect tenant for your space.

The result of our collaboration was a space that exceeded AppsFlyer's expectations and reflected its brand and culture. The space was not only visually appealing but also functional and comfortable, which contributed to their employees' productivity, creativity, and happiness, as well as the brand's growth in the future.

It also served as a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining top talent and showcasing their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Since its inception in 2022, it also served as a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining top talent and showcasing AppsFlyer's commitment to innovation and excellence. With offices in Tel Aviv, Beijing, and London, AppsFlyer can now call cozily call Berlin home.

We are proud of our partnership with AppsFlyer and grateful for the opportunity to transform their space at Schanhauser Allee 180 into a workspace that inspires and empowers their employees. We hope that their new workspace will continue to serve them well and contribute to their continued success in the years to come.

“The whole package, end to end“

“From the acoustic work to this transformation of space, Setting helped us find our dream office. It's really the whole package - end to end.“

Olga Zielke

Office Manager at AppsFlyer

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