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Offices in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

We have 87 spaces available for your search criteria. Some of them are private.tooltip

Flexible and fully furnished office space for startups and fast growing companies. Our private offices have the convenience and design of coworking so you can focus on building your team and growing your business.

Office Diedenhofer Straße 8

10405 | Prenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Equipped office with several working areas

Office 170 m² Request quote €7.480,00
Offices 170 m² €7.480,00
Office Gormannstraße 14

10119 | Mitte | Berlin

Light-flooded office space (200 sqm) in a top location

Office 200 m² Request quote €7.050,00
Offices 200 m² €7.050,00
Office Pappelallee 14

10437 | Prenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Rooftop office space close to Eberswalder Straße

Office 80 m² Request quote €4.050,00
Offices 80 m² €4.050,00

Get Personalized Advice On Your Office Search

Our team has in-depth knowledge of today's office market. We are here to help you find a tailor solution for your next office space.

Office Choriner Straße 81

10119 | Mitte | Berlin

Office in a historic house in Mitte

Office 140 m² Request quote €8.400,00
Coworkings 140 m² €8.400,00
Office Arkonaplatz 1

10435 | Mitte | Berlin

Nice shop office in Prenzlauer Berg

Office 60 m² Request quote €2.254,00
Offices 60 m² €2.254,00
Office Immanuelkirchstraße 26

10405 | Prenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Modern Office Space with Rooftop Terrace

Office 605 m² Request quote €24.532,00
Offices 605 m² €24.532,00
Office Straßburger Straße 18

10405 | Prenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Office with several team rooms close by Senefelderplatz

Office 1 35 m² Request quote €2.220,00
Office 2 30 m² Request quote €1.850,00
Rooms 35 m² €2.220,00
Office Bötzowstraße 14

10407 | Prenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Office rooms 26sqm workplace HomeOffice Flex Desk

Office 26 m² Request quote €850,00
Offices 26 m² €850,00
Office Schwedter Straße 9b

10119 | Pankow | Berlin

Office, meeting, event or storage space ready to move into

Office 150 m² Request quote €1.500,00
Classic Offices 150 m² €1.500,00
Office Gormannstraße 14

10119 | Mitte | Berlin

Top startup location – close to Hackescher Markt and Rosenthaler Platz

Office 50 m² from 2022/06/25 €2.131,00
Rooms 50 m² €2.131,00
Office Straßburger Straße

10405 | Prenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Office space in Berlin for temporary subletting // May - July

Office 30 m² Request quote €2.000,00
Offices 30 m² €2.000,00
Office Am Friedrichshain 22

10407 | Prenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Coworking practice office equipped, WiFi, secretary, parking space

Office 26 m² Request quote €650,00
Offices 26 m² €650,00


Prenzlauer Berg is a district belonging to the Pankow administrative area, after being independent from 1920 to 2001. It is famous for its “Altbau” buildings, the classic high-ceiling and wooden floor German style. Most of the economy in the area is driven by medium-sized businesses, and only recently, with the Internet Boom, various web service providers have also settled down here. In the side streets, far from the main traffic arteries, a number of small boutiques, galleries and art shops flourished.


With more than 600 premises, the gastronomy in Prenzlauer Berg seems to have an almost unlimited potential. The density peak is around Kollwitzplatz and Helmholtzkiez. Prices are good for all pockets, ranging from sophisticated restaurants to delicious street-food options. In general, Indian and Asian cuisines are highly recommended. In Knaackstraße Lesendro is the only restaurant with Montenegrin roots to serve fresh fish and other typical creations. As the name suggests, the Pasta & Passione in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg offers the best of the Italian cuisine.

Culture & Leisure

The Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg is a great place to relax and unwind. It was created from the former Oderbruchkippe, and has a total 29 hectares. One of the most important landmarks in Prenzlauer Berg is the water tower. Built in 1877 and still active until 1952, its main current function is now to attract interested visitors.