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We make sure your space is never empty. That means putting it on various other platforms too, including ImmobilienScout24 and ImmoWelt.

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“A joyful project with friends.”

“Finding an office with Setting felt like a joyful project with friends. They helped us find an amazing location and were super hands-on and quick. Their flexible startup mindset helped us to come to the optimal solution without cumbersome negotiations. Even when it looked like we were going with another solution, they were understanding and helpful.”

Matthäus Kerres

Matthäus Kerres

Co-founder of Compa

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Our platform is designed to empower your leasing experience. That also means getting paid quickly, fairly, and on time.

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You’re in control of your pricing. Need advice? Our qualified experts are here to help you match demand in your area.

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We work on a success basis. Depending on office size, our monthly fee is 6-12% —always capped at one month’s rent.

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We use FLEX contracts that are easily payable via PayPal, direct deposit, or any other method of your choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a marketplace for office spaces, and are fully focused on the office real estate industry. When you list your office space with us, we help you find your future tenant through our platform and other additional channels. Throughout the process, we are your direct contact person, and help you every step of the way—for example, with the creation of your office profile. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have.

We break down our listings into three distinct categories: work desks, team rooms, and entire offices. Because of that, a listing can offer only individual desks and team rooms. An entire office is always measured in square meters

Freelancers, company founders, startups, and small companies, among other clients, all use SettingHQ for their office search. All of our clients come from a wide range of industries.

You can list an office by following the onboarding process or get in touch and we can create a profile for you within a few business days. The time depends on how many requests are made at the moment. If you want to get your profile faster, you can create an account at and then create an office profile at Afterwards, you will receive an activation link from our team.

No, it’s not an absolute must. If you offer furnishing, you can explicitly note it in your office profile. But we do recommend furnishing your office if you’re interested in offering flexible terms.

A large number of the offices offered on Setting have a flexible lease term. However, it’s also not a must. However, having a flexible term does increase the number of prospective tenants. Many of our clients are not willing to commit to years of lease terms because they want to continue to have the flexibility to grow their business. For entire offices (around 300sqm), for example, this can also amount to 12 months.

Potential tenants request viewings directly via the office profile, after which Setting first contacts the interested party. That way, we guarantee that only serious requests are forwarded to you. We pass the contact details on to you so that you can arrange an individual viewing with the interested party.

Because you know your office best, we let you take care of the viewing. You can also answer any open questions of your prospective tenant during this time!

No. Usually, you discuss all further steps with your future tenant, and then settle the contract individually. If you have any questions, though, we’re always here to provide administrative support.

Since we offer different office sizes, profiles are also created by different owners and operators. You can create a profile if you’re the owner of an empty office, or if you’re the operator of a coworking space and looking for new tenants. Likewise, your office listing is welcome if you’re looking for a new tenant or subtenant for your space.

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