High Performance is easier than it seems. It only requires 4 boxes.

He is said to having been able to remain productive not only over the course of weeks, but over decades. Being under constant pressure make decisions and therewith constantly having to deal with the question “which task comes first?” he developed a strategy, better known as the famous “Eisenhower principle”. The result of his strategy were achievements like the development of the Interstate Highway System in the US, the launch of the internet, the exploration space or an act for a peaceful use of alternative energy sources. Eisenhower was a master of time management, task management and productivity. How he did it? By putting things into boxes. Into four, in particular:

  • Urgent and important Tasks to do immediately
  • Important, but not urgent Tasks to schedule or do later
  • Urgent, but not important Tasks to delegate to someone else
  • Neither urgent nor important Tasks to eliminate

The key is to prioritise tasks by urgency and importance. Focusing on the more important things, delegating, sorting out and throwing out less important things of your to-do list. The strategy is simple but effective and the great thing is, that it's applicable to any plan you can dream of. Whether small or as big as exploring space. Some inspiration needed? Download and look at some examples!

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