Work Playlists For Every Mood

Future of work 19 Jun 2015 1 min read

Future of work 19 Jun 2015 5 min read

Does listing to music while working actually help you focus or is it incredibly distracting? Experts suggest that yes, music helps you to be more productive, but you have to like it.

Some may prefer calm instrumental sounds; others need faster tunes to get energetic. Here’s our collection of playlists for every mood during your workday (please note that some of them are through Spotify):

Soothing sounds during your workday

Playlist 1

Playlist 2

Very very soothing (classical music)

Playlist 3

Electric beats for getting it done really fast

Playlist 4

Getting pumped for a big meeting

Playlist 5

Friday-after-work, unwind with colleagues

Playlist 6
Playlist 7


What’s your work playlist? What type of music do you prefer while working?

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