The U8 and the Berlin Startup Scene: Einsteigen, bitte [Infographic]

Future of work 05 Aug 2015 1 min read

Future of work 05 Aug 2015 5 min read

The U8 line reads like a who’s who of the Berlin startup scene. From the dizzy heights of Wedding and beyond to the depths of deepest Neukölln, it’s the city’s startup backbone, the blue blood that feeds many of Berlin’s most innovative brains.

In their varying stages of airy splendour and shabby neglect, its 24 stations are typified by the co-working spaces, startups and agencies - and their after-work hangouts of choice - that are dotted along it. But with so many of Berlin’s tech and creative key players just a Kurzstrecke away, who and what is to be found where?

Infographic_U8 Startup Line Of Berlin_By

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Special thanks to Alex Kölpin from WestTech Ventures for the inspiration to this story while chatting (where else) on a U8 train ride.

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