Retail office in Graefekiez - Still in renovation

Dieffenbachstraße, 10967 Berlin — Karte anzeigen

This office is still in renovation and be finished by the end of the summer. The office is located in the middle of Kreuzberg's most beautiful part – Graefekiez.

The office is located on the ground floor of a historic building. It's consists of 6 rooms (ranging between 10 and 23qm). The rooms can be used in combination of work areas, meeting rooms, kitchen/relax area and reception.

The office has two entrances – from the street side and through the hallway in the back of the office. The space is currently being renovated and will be rented out in a complete renovated status. The future tenant can influence on how the space will take its shape.

Cold rent: 15 EUR / sqm

Utility costs: 3 EUR / sqm

Vollständiges Büro
  • Sofort verfügbar
  • 118m²
  • 12 Monate Mindestvertragslaufzeit
€ 1.770
zzgl. 19% MwSt.

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